We have several training groups at Trentham to cover all abilities from the absolute beginner who has never run before, right through to elite, race winning athletes.

Absolute Beginners Group
You may have woke up this morning and looked in the mirror and saw bits of you that weren't there before and decided that it's time you did something about it. You may have run years ago, but the thought of now pulling on your trainers and heading out in public frightens the life out of you. The thought of running a 10K race fills you with dread to the very core. This group is for you!
This group have a series of 'Run England' 10 week programmes starting throughout the year led by qualified 'Run Leaders' aimed at people who have not run before.
You will probably be running/walking at 12-13 minute mile pace!

Steady Group
Okay, you now own a pair of proper running shoes and feel more like a runner now. The thought of racing a 10K still harbours fears of the light fading before you crossed the line, but if you did run one you'd probably complete it in about an hour. You feel ready for a bit more of a challenge and maybe looking to push on to that next level. You still like to keep it steady and like a chat on the way round the 5-6 mile route. This is the group for you!
You will probably be running at 10-11 minute mile pace!

Intermediate Group
You have progressed through the intermediate group and feel confident to move to the next level. You may also be doing some races at this stage if that's what floats your boat! The emphasis in this group is still on inclusion and the group regularly musters back to the slowest runner in the group to make sure we stay together. You might find these runs are a bit longer than what you're used to in the steady group being 6-8miles, but hey, you're an athlete, you're ready for that!!! You may be able to jump straight into this group if you've run before (but running for the bus doesn't count). You may encounter mud if there is any to be found in a 3 mile radius of the club.
You will probably be running about 8-10 minute mile pace!

Improvers Group
This bunch of intrepid souls have run their way through the intermediate group and have been told to leave as they now run too fast for them. These sessions are a little more structured and Richard publishes a regular training schedule (see below) with fancy words like Pyramids and Fartlek in them. No-one really knows what he's talking about but we just humour him and nod when he talks. You can expect to come back from these sessions a little sweaty and thinking your lungs have gone on shrunk to the size of a beer can.
You will probably be running about 6.5-8 minute mile pace!

Fast Group
There isn't really one fast group as such but rather 2 or three groups that go out, sometimes together and comeback separately. Whichever group you go in you will be running so fast that traffic coming in the other direction will start to blur and distort. When you get back to the club you may find your watch is 'out-of-sync' with someone in the beginners group by as much as 2 seconds. This group is made up of the Trentham Elite you might say and some runners will aspire to join this select band of racers who will talk you silly with tales of 'Sub 36 10k' and the time they ran the Marathon in 2hrs 11mins and 22seconds and they would have been faster if their shoelace didn't come undone at 25 miles!
You will probably be running about 5.5-7 minute mile pace!

Richard's improvers group usually plan about 8 weeks in advance, and the most recent schedule will be posted on this page when available.

The latest Training Schedules and routes can be found on the Training Runs page HERE.